Associated Coffee

Ink cartridges, cleaning supplies, replacement air filters, and coffee delivery eliminates the burden of that responsibility.

Refueling the Team All Day

Fully productive professionals have to refuel throughout the day to keep the blood flowing, brain cells firing, and creativity developing. There are a few ways companies can make sure that happens. One is a cafeteria or restaurant within the building.

If team members do not have to worry about going out for lunch, getting stuck in traffic, or only having time for a drive-thru meal, then lunch hour really is not much of a break. A variety of choices in-house means they can relax, take their time while eating, and socialize. People get to know each other and collaborating on projects becomes natural and comfortable.


Providing a gym, a track, or rewarding employees for fitness center memberships will encourage regular exercise. Exercise relieves tension, improves circulation, allows people to focus, and helps people sleep. It also boosts the immune system, moods, and lung capacity to keep people healthy and happy. This reduces absenteeism, cuts down on colds and headaches, and will stave off fatigue.

The Break Room

Keeping the break room stocked with a wide selection of snacks, cold beverages, and coffee supplies will give professionals a quick boost of energy. Healthy alternatives to balance out the sweets and caffeine is a wise choice for boosts without the sugar crash shortly thereafter. Stocking is inexpensive and convenient when the company participates in a coffee delivery program.

A service with decades of experience, Associated Coffee details programs offered, benefits, and contact information for service quotes. Automatic delivery saves time, money, and ensures no one forgets to stock the break room. Smaller companies can arrange to have delivery as needed and fill out order forms online.

Employee Appreciation

Productive professionals who can be relied upon to go the extra mile when necessary are those who feel valued by their employers. Feeling their contributions matter, the company appreciates all their effort, and they are part of a team motivates people to do the best work possible. A luncheon to celebrate every quarter with no workplace accidents or injuries is simple, inexpensive, and acknowledges positive outcomes.

Starting an internal newsletter with announcements, features on top sellers, birthdays, and new ideas contributed by staff will keep people informed, entertained, and engaged. Something that easy will go a long way toward bridging the gap between executives and employees. A paid volunteer day is another way to refuel employees. They get to give back to the community, the company gets excellent exposure via the publicity, and the community benefits.